Palme d'or 2022
Crafted by Chopard

The Palme d'Or

Coveted by every director on the planet, each year the Palme d’Or honours the best film screened at the Cannes International Film Festival. Redesigned in 1998 by Caroline Scheufele, it has since become a radiant symbol of the love story uniting Chopard with the most glamorous film festival in the world. In addition to the Palme d'Or for the best feature film and the mini-Palme for the best short film – both made in ethical Fairmined-certified gold – the Maison’s workshops also produce rock crystals engraved with a palm branch for all the other awards, making Chopard the artisan of all these prestigious official prizes and catalysts in their own right of a wealth of emotions.
Close-up of Caroline Scheufele
An emblem since 1998

Redesigned by Caroline Scheufele

It all began in 1997 when Caroline Scheufele met Pierre Viot, then director of the Cannes International Film Festival. While she was attentively examining the trophy displayed in Pierre Viot’s office, he invited her to redesign a fresh interpretation of the Palme d’Or. For this keen film-lover, it was a new challenge that she took up with great enthusiasm, devoting her boundless inspiration and creativity to one of the film industry’s most sought-after awards. The following year, at the closing ceremony of the 1998 Cannes Festival, the new Palme d’Or was unveiled to the world in the form in which it still exists today.
Cannes Festival Palme d'Or
An unprecedented ethical Palme d'Or

Palme d'Or 2022

To honour the 75th anniversary of the world's greatest film festival, Chopard Artistic Director and Co-President Caroline Scheufele decided to revisit the Palme d'Or by studding two of its tiny leaves with diamonds from suppliers certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council. One will be graced with 75 diamonds symbolising the Festival's jubilee; while the other will feature 25 diamonds to immortalise the quarter-century of the partnership with Chopard: a double celebration in perfect unison. The Palme in Fairmined-certified ethical 18-carat yellow gold is not placed on the traditional rock crystal cushion, but instead on a base made of rose quartz.

Artisans of emotions

"Since 1998, Chopard Haute Joaillerie artisans have been crafting the Palme d’Or award, a stylized golden palm branch."
"A radiant symbol of the love uniting Chopard and the glamorous Cannes International Film Festival, the Palme d’Or was redesigned by Caroline Scheufele in 1998."
"The Palme is made of 118 grams of ethical Fairmined-certified 18-carat yellow gold in our workshops, where our Artisans also produce the dainty rock crystal cushion, shaped like an emerald-cut diamond, on which the golden palm leaf rests."
Fairmined gold

Sustainable and responsible luxury

For many years, Chopard has demonstrated its commitment to corporate responsibility, placing it at the very core of its values. A member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), which plays a leading role in establishing environmental, social and ethical standards, in conjunction with Eco-Age founder, Livia Firth, the Maison has created a programme named The Journey to Sustainable Luxury, launched in 2013. The Green Carpet Collection also saw the light of the day the same year. The Maison thereby undertakes to source its materials from suppliers openly justifying responsible practices on both social and environmental levels. The creation of a Palme in ethical Fairmined-certified gold bears further testimony to Chopard’s dedication to sustainable and responsible luxury.
Chopard Cannes Film Festival

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